The Amazing Facts About Richard Liu You Should Know

Richard Liu is the chief executive officer and the developer of that is among China’s biggest e-commerce platforms. In an announcement that was made in June 2017, was recognized as a firm that had saturated 397million dollars that could benefit all its shareholders. To make a successful firm, Richard Liu identified a good approach to ensure that the business will increase the variety of goods it traded in.

After graduating with a degree in sociology, Richard Liu took a lot of his time as a student sharpening his expertize in computer programming through freelance coding work. He was later employed by health product firm a place where he was assigned a lot of duties such as being the director of computer devices and the director of business during his two-year contract.

With more than 15 years of expertize in retail and e-commerce firms, Richard Liu developed an idea of starting his own business. The business will be trading in magneto-optical products in Beijing. In six years, the business had grown to twelve stores, but it was pressurzied by the breakout of SARS which made the employees and the potential customers remain in-house. This made Richard Liu re-evaluate his business and later in 2004, was developed. In 2011, he received his distinguished award from CCTV network. Also, he has been given many awards for his attainments in the e-commerce industry.

A few months after he was arrested because of the rape case, Richard Liu said that he is changing from running the firm’s main business and hand over the responsibility to the other principals and then anchor in going ahead to start a new business. Richard Liu was detained in Minneapolis as a result of suspicion on rape claims. Later, he was freed without bail and quickly he came back to China. The relevant prosecutors regarding the rape case of Richard Liu are checking and compiling the evidence, and they will decide if Liu will be charged.

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