Julie Zuckerberg: Recruiting Potential Talents for Companies

Nowadays, more and more women who are working in the corporate world can be described as someone who are delivering change and transforming the society as a whole by extending their power and influence. One of these women is Julia Zuckerberg, who works for Deutsche Bank as an executive recruitment lead and a talent acquisition leader. She graduated with a degree in Philosophy, and then later on took up Law at the New York Law School. She entered the corporate world as soon as she finished her studies, and her career began as a director of candidate placement with Hudson, where she worked for five years. As a director of candidate placement, she helped the company recruit a number of professionals and, including case managers and attorneys. She is responsible for giving insights about the job their company posted, as well as the company guidelines and benefits, among others. She is also serving as a main link between the employee and the management, if any issues between the two arise. Julie Zuckerberg’s skill in relation to her educational background has also found its use in her being a counselor, and a mediator who successfully resolve conflicts inside the company.


She left Hudson in 2007 and joined the Citi Global Consumer Bank, serving as the company’s executive recruiter. She is helping out the upper management by telling them what kind of strategies and compensations the company has to offer in order to give them the edge in the competitive workforce. She is also responsible for spotting on talents who would become an asset for the company. Her skills have developed through the years, and with her expertise, the Citi Group has decided to appoint her as the executive recruiter for the Citi Global Functions. Through this kind of job with Citi Group, Julie Zuckerberg has gained exposure and has learned a lot about the process of recruitment, and her skills in determining which people to hire developed greatly. Hiring the right people for the job is vital to a company, and Julie Zuckerberg managed to do her job properly by recruiting people with impressive background and has the potential to be the next leaders.


After years of staying with the Citi Group, Julie Zuckerberg decided to leave the company and joined New York Life Insurance Company. She provided support in recruiting new talents for the company, along with being an adviser to the senior management as to how they can improve their business. She only stayed with New York Life Insurance Company for a short time, and currently working with Deutsche Bank.


Aside from her stint as an executive recruiter for Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg also loves to challenge herself and has a passion in conquering them. She is an avid runner who joins several fun run and marathon events, and she lives in a healthy manner, consuming only nutrient rich foods and never forgets to exercise. She is very passionate to share what she has learned, and wanted to inspire a lot of people to pursue a healthy and stress free lifestyle.