Why UKV PLC Is A Leading Wine Company In The UK

As such, the United Kingdom Vintners is not limited or tied to a single supply chain.

Nonetheless, the company has established a reputation for collaborating with an extensive network of traders, merchants and brokers to draw or source stock, especially when in need of a highly sought after or unusual champagne or wine.


The core business of UKV PLC revolves around acquisition, sales and supply of champagne and fine bonded wine through its trading floor. The company undertakes these roles on behalf of its trade customers and private individuals. Additionally, United Kingdom Vintners supplies for both investment and supply purposes depending on customers’ requirements.

UKV PLC is driven by its mission to deliver an outstanding level of personal service to customers in need of acquiring the most sought after labels from top vineyards in Spain, Italy and France. It serves a wide range of clients including those clients in need of creating private cellars and those who buy for drinking purposes.

Customer Service

For customers to get their needs or requirements taken care of, UKV PLC offers consultants who contact clients individually. Individual communication with clients offers an opportunity for the consultants to get a better idea of how they can serve each client. In fact, the company can arrange for a face to face meeting upon the client’s request. The dedicated team of wine consultants boasts of a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding the wine and champagne market.

The advantage of dealing with UKV PLC is that it offers a broad selection of prestigious wines and champagne. Some of these offers include Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italian and Spanish wines. Additionally, UKV PLC enjoys an extensive social media presence on various platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.