Bantam Hill Publishing Makes the Most of Paul Mampilly’s Financial Expertise

Paul Mampilly enjoyed a stellar career as a portfolio manager. It was on the back of this success that he moved on to the Main Street where he seeks to share what he learned throughout the years he spent on Wall Street. Though such services were not available when he came into the investment scene, he was able to achieve great success through hard work and intelligent decisions. Visit to know more.

His family’s fortunes changed when they moved to Dubai and Paul Mampilly attended the Montclair State University. He graduated with a business administration degree in 1991. He would later join the Fordham Gabelli School of Business where he completed his graduate studies.

The Bankers Trust Company, his first employer, set the way for an illustrious career. He rose through the ranks and served in different managerial capacities for many other financial institutions. The Deutsche Bank, ING and Kinetics Asset Management enjoyed his shrewd management skills. Paul Mampilly sailed through the 2008 economic crash with much ease gaining great admiration and praise from seasoned market players. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

The fast pace of Wall Street eventually took its toll on him and in 2016 he chose to shift gears. Banyan Hill Publishing gave him an opportunity and he took it in his stride. The journal helps him to reach out to more than the small clique of investors he advised at Wall Street.

The entry of Paul Mampilly into the publishing scene coincided with Banyan Hill’s rebranding plan. He was one of the many financial experts brought on board to empower potential investors. The publisher boasts of close to 400,000 subscribers who receive their content on a daily basis.

Most of his articles are based on small-cap stocks and opportunities in the tech world. The needs and interests of the readers are kept in mind when each article is drafted. Throughout his time in the financial industry, Paul Mampilly has learned the essence of setting up a team to support one’s endeavours. He has put this to great use in his role at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Reuters, Bloomberg TV and CNBC have hosted him on a couple of their shows. Much of this expertise is largely due to his love for great reads and he encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to develop a reading culture.