Why Omar Boraie Development LLC Stands Out from Other New Brunswick-Based Real Estate Companies

Companies whose business objectives are aligned with urban development have propelled the growth of real estate developments in New Jersey. Boraie Development LLC is one of these companies.

The company usually focuses on both residential and commercial developmental projects. Omar Boraie, a 72-year-old real estate developer, is the brains behind Boraie Development LLC. He founded the company with an objective of servicing urban development projects in the city of New Brunswick.

The Success Story of Boraie Development LLC

For a real estate company to succeed in New Brunswick, its service charter should be aligned to the needs of clients. Omar Boraie spent most of his professional career touring the world as a way of assessing and learning from different residential and commercial developments. After working in Europe’s real estate sector, he relocated to New Brunswick with a goal of coming up with his company.

Omar Boraie’s dreams of creating his real estate company came into reality in 1972. Boraie Development LLC encountered challenges as it was venturing into the highly competitive industry. The firm focused on building condominiums and high-rise office spaces in downtown New Brunswick.

According to Patch, one of the most successful developmental projects undertaken by Omar Boraie’s firm was the Albany Street Plaza Tower One. The project was finalized in the 1990s. It comprises of several office spaces with a cumulative area of 250,000 square feet. It was the first structure, with numerous office spaces, to be constructed in New Brunswick. Boraie Development LLC also facilitated the construction of Spring Street Condominium Building. This 25-storey structure has 121 units, a parking garage, retail stores, and office spaces.

About Boraie Development LLC

With its operational headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ, Boraie Development’s services cover all aspects of the urban real estate industry. Their services include property management, sales/ marketing, and real estate development. The firm’s professional team strives for sustainability and excellence when undertaking different developmental projects. In order to realize this goal, the team has partnered with architects, contractors, and financial institutions.

Boraie Development is known for committing capital, reliability, and vision to every real estate endeavor. The firm is considered as one of the most sought developers in the entire New Jersey for it’s over thirty years’ experience. Boraie Development’s property management services are provided with exceptional detail. The company’s sales and marketing team develop thrilling ads to ensure that customers are aware of the channels to be used when seeking these solutions.

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