Sam Tabar: A Leading Capital Strategist

Sam Tabar is a prominent and a talented business leader who has made an impact on various sectors. He has served as an investment advisor, lawyer, financial executive, business leader and a philanthropist. Presently, Sam serves at FullCycle Energy Fund as the COO of the company.

At FulllCycle, he oversees various activities including directing the company’s fund management plan and collaborating with other experts to expedite the fulfillment of the firm’s mission of moving away from expensive, harmful fuels to affordable and eco-friendly fuels.

As a capital strategist, Tabar has helped various reputable financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch to implement their budget strategies. At Merrill Lynch, he worked as the Head of Capital Strategy, and his role included advising capital managers and corporate investors such as foundations, endowments, pensions, fund of funds, and family offices.

Additionally, Sam also served at Sparx Group, an Asia-Pacific-based company. At Sparx Group, Tabar directed all aspects of worldwide marketing efforts, and he managed to pull more than 2,000 prospective investors and obtained assets worth over 1.2 billion. Sam also developed a revolutionary marketing strategy for investors and family offices.

In 2011, Sam Tabar joined the Skadden LLP, a law firm based in New York as a Senior Attorney. His role involved overseeing compliance and regulatory matters, evaluating investment management agreements, handling side letters, employment and private placement, and advising clients on the process of structuring and starting hedge funds.

Sam Tabar earned his first degree from the Oxford University and later pursued a law degree at Columbia University. While studying at Columbia, Sam helped edit the Columbia Business Law Review. Mr. Tabar is active on Social Media sites like Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter. On these social platforms, he has a huge following, and he constantly gives advice to future investors and young generations on how to start businesses and run them successfully.

According to, as a philanthropist, Sam Tabar has been involved actively in honorable charitable activities. He has donated funds to institutions like the Africa Wellness Initiative and THINX. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

The funds are used to help needy children, young adolescent girls, and underprivileged women. THINX provides outstanding sanitary solutions for women in Africa and other developing countries.