Rocketship Education Fights To Keep Its Strong Reputation

The popular charter school system, Rocketship Education is one of the top performing educational institutions in the U.S. with a reputation for developing strong links to the local community. The development of powerful community links is part of the ongoing process of building a school community with teachers spending part of their time visiting the homes of students to aid in their understanding of each child. Rocketship Education is quite rightly proud of the sense of community the charter school has developed over the years and does not wish to have its good work damaged by unfair criticism.

An article published by NPR was written by the head blogger, Anya Kamenetz and ruffled feathers at Rocketship Education for its unbalanced and unfair treatment of the charter school and this entire education sector. Rocketship Education’s community came together to lead the fight against an article it believes offered a completely unfair view of the work being done to provide a better education for all students. CEO Preston Smith and fellow founder John Danner set up their charter school to make sure all students from low-income areas of their home city of San Jose had the opportunity to live the “American Dream.”

Preston Smith took particular exception to the use of the term, “company” when Kamenetz referred to Rocketship Education because this gave the view the organization was profit making. The charter school system works as a non-profit group and places back the profits to improve the student environment and help expand the group across the U.S. Now operating in 13 states, Smith believes the assumption Rocketship Education makes a profit is not one that should be made because of an article published by NPR. The 3,800-words article is one of many members of the charter school sector have taken umbrage with over a lack of balance and research. By not researching how Rocketship Education facilities compare to local schools, the founders of Rocketship Education believe their work is being undermined by members of the media who do not agree with the development of charter schools as a whole.