Why Fabletics Is Using Brick And Mortar Stores Along With Its Online Platform

The changing fashion retail method is all but inevitable with Amazon moving higher while the last few years have seen stores like JC Penney closing and others filing for bankruptcy. But even with Amazon being a formidable foe and the troubles with longtime retailers, brick and mortar stores aren’t out of style yet. One new online fashion company, Fabletics is actually opening up brick and mortar stores. This company is said to be able to compete with Amazon not only because they sell trendy athleisure outfits at cheaper prices, but also because their brick and mortar stores allow for a reverse showroom. The gist of this is that most customers have probably seen the items they want online, and if they’ve signed up for membership, visiting the Fabletics stores becomes the way they can try on the outfit they want and skip the waiting time on shipping. The bottom line is brick and mortar doesn’t have to go away, but companies that use it are going to have to change how they do business particularly with millennial shoppers.


Kate Hudson is the majority owner of Fabletics and she’s set the tone for how the company is run. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler were where the Fabletics idea originated from, and though they knew Kate Hudson had no business background, they knew her to be a laid-back person who believes in making everything she does authentic. Hudson gladly became a partner with Goldenberg and Ressler’s company JustFab, and now Fabletics, JustFab, ShoeDazzle and FabKids are all run under Techstyle Fashion Group. Hudson has repeatedly said she will not be retiring from acting to run the company full-time, but the time she has away from the stage is used to promote the Fabletics outfits.


Fabletics has ways that they make their prices cheaper to customers. One is spending less money on traditional advertising, though Hudson has appeared in a few commercials. But Fabletics really cares more about the word of other customers on their reviews pages than they do about only their own word. Fabletics also is a subscription-based company that offers introductory prices on items, and VIP members can earn points on purchases and later redeem them on future purchases. And mobile compatibility plus big data is used to customize shopping and send customers promotions on items that might be right for them. Fabletics gets to know customers by offering a lifestyle quiz, and you can signup for it by going to the Fabletics.com homepage.

The Marketing Magic Behind Fabletics

Fabletics is the brand of athletic clothing that has totally engaged in the concept of digital marketing. Kate Hudson is one of the co-founders behind this brand, and she clearly has a knack for marketing. She is starring in commercials for this brand right now, but Kate Hudson is doing something that many other retailers have not thought of. She actually has commercials that are not necessarily approved for TV, but these commercials fit fine into a YouTube platform.


Kate Hudson has some over-the-top humor for women that are working out and buying things like yoga pants. Her commercials are funny and this attracts a crowd and creates social media buzz about Fabletics. This is a genius move from Kate Hudson.


Digital advertising has become a big thing for Kate Hudson because she is in control of her own destiny. She is not waiting for a marketing agency to come forth with some type of plan for getting people to recognize her company. She does not need a marketing campaign from an outside company. She is doing everything in house, and that is showing a great shift in what is happening in the world of business.


Retailers that have started with cyber stores are able to engage in what is called reverse showrooming. This allows people to see an abundant number of selections on a website before they actually go into a store to try anything on.


Kate Hudson has become a master with this because she knows that people were going to be interested in going directly to the site first even if they know about a physical store in their area. People tend to look up websites on their tablets or phones and check out the inventory before they set foot in a store these days.


Kate Hudson is well aware of that, and she made sure that the website contained an assortment of items that would appeal to a large group of consumers with different needs. Now Kate Hudson has plans to put her time and money into building physical stores as well. People will have no excuses when it comes to finding workout gear because they can buy it online or go into a physical store to obtain these clothes.


Kate has really made it possible for a large number of people to approve their wardrobes with Fabletics. This has become the company that people are thrilled about because it provides a whole new way of looking at shopping.


Kate Hudson has even provided a very unique shopping experience where people can get engaged with shopping that allows them to get shipments that are automated. This can happen on a monthly basis. It is a true sign of the digital evolution that is upon us.


Kate Hudson and marketing crew are simply realizing the benefits of digital marketing early. She knows a lot about her clothing line, and she also takes time to promote it with social media. This aggressiveness is the thing that changes everything.

Fabletics: Doing the Impossible One Day at a Time

The fashion is regarded as one of the most cut-throat, demanding industries in the world. Even if someone wants to open a small online clothing store, they’d have to deal with Amazon’s devastating control of the fashion e-commerce market. Considering how popular Amazon is, it should come as no surprise that they control 20 percent of the market.

To succeed in Fashion these days, aspiring entrepreneurs may want to follow in the footsteps of Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is consistently doing the impossible, growing a fashion brand that thrives in an Amazon-dominated industry. In just three years, Kate Hudson grew her fashion brand into a $250 million company.

Much of her success is thanks to the company’s involvement in the ‘activewear’ movement. For years, activewear, or athleisure wear, has become more popular. Millennials are a health and fashion-conscious generation that loves being able to go from the gym to the bar. Fabletic’s outfits offer stylish fashions at affordable prices.

Anyone interested in seeing what Fabletics is all about can take one of their lifestyle quizzes. This quiz allows non-members to see which outfits Fabletic’s experts would recommend to them. That’s right; Fabletics actually recommends outfits based on each member’s personal styles.

That type of customer-commitment is what makes Fabletics one of today’s best high-value brands. Even more, Fabletics has begun opening physical stores. So far, the company only has 16 stores but plans on adding more by the end of this year.

While other stores are “killed” by people buying similar items online for cheaper, Fabletics turned that negative into a positive. Fabletics makes its stores host events that focus on building relationships with local members. These members are the ones that persuade new visitors to come to the stores.

Not only does each store have its own annual events; Fabletics combined online shopping carts with in-store shopping carts. That means when a member tries on or buys something from one of their stores that item is immediately added to their online shopping cart.

According to one young woman who reviewed Fabletics, Fabletics is surprisingly good. She stated that she would actually recommend Fabletics to anyone who’s interested. She was most surprised by the wide variety of styles Fabletics offers. They have everything from simple tank tops to cut-outs and bold patterns.

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