Norman Pattiz: The Importance of Podcast Advertising on Brands

The executive chairman and president of Podcast One, Norman Pattiz has announced the results of a study conducted on several brands in the recent past. Tom Webster, the vice president at Edison Research, is believed to have played a huge role in the study. The study was showing the importance of podcast advertising to different brands in the market.

According to the results, one of the grocery brands was mentioned by more than sixty percent of the audience after the campaign. The figure was higher compared to seven percent individuals who mentioned the products before the campaigns. Most of the products in the finance and automobile industry increased their awareness significantly after the study too.

A bigger percentage of the podcast listeners said that they had a perfect opinion about the automobile aftermarket products after the study too. During the pre-study, this number was less than eighteen percent.

Norman Pattiz also stated that at least twenty-two percent of the listeners said that they were comfortable when using the lawn and garden products. According to the businessman, this number had risen significantly when compared to the pre-study.

Norman Pattiz is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States. Pattiz has done very well in his career in the broadcasting industry, and he has become an influential figure in the country. Several years ago, he founded a company known as Westwood One. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Under his leadership, the private become very powerful, and it was recognized as one of the biggest radio broadcasting in America. The company specializes in sports, entertainment, news, traffic programs and several talks. Westwood One has managed and owned some of the large and most respected networks in the world. Some of these include NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, CNN Radio, Mutual Broadcasting system, Supper Bowl and CBS.

Due to his numerous accomplishments in the industry, the former president of America, Bill Clinton appointed Norman Pattiz to work at the country’s broadcasting board of governor. After President Bush had been elected in office, he decided to reappoint the businessman to continue serving on the prestigious board in the year 2002.

As a member of the board, Norman Pattiz was in charge of overseeing the broadcasting services in the country that did not involve the military and many other responsibilities. Pattiz is also said to have started several companies in the broadcasting world. These businesses have done well under his leadership over the years.

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