Sentient AI – Conversion Rate Optimization

Online business requires owners to invest in various marketing tools to grow their businesses. For instance, you need to drive traffic to your website and attract more web users to your site. Attracting a huge base of potential customers is somewhat costly, so it’s important to use the resources that you have wisely. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) helps you to maximize the resources that you have, helping you to generate more leads, increase efficiency, attract more orders, and decrease bounce rate.

Conversion rate optimization is all about using the right tools to optimize your site in order to achieve your business goals. With the introduction of AI to determine and increase CRO, it looks like the use of A/B testing is slowly coming to an end. Many businesses have incorporated this technology to their system and reported outstanding results in terms of lead generation and sales.

When compared to A/B testing, Sentient AI is said to be 100 times faster. Ascend is a technology offered by Sentient to help businesses tests multiple ideas all at once. Then, the AI technology is used to determine changes that are essential. The AI tech is also capable of combining several changes that are important in helping businesses to attain the best possible results.

AI is use evolutionary algorithms (a tech that mimics biological evolution) to achieve these results. This makes it possible for it to alter, combine and modify variables to come up with metrics that are vital to the user. The process is the same if you are looking to generate leads, increase revenue and improve conversions.

The world we’re living now is a technological world that requires businesses to change their way of operation. If you want to grow your business you need to invest heavily in smarter solutions to generate leads and increase conversions. Sentient AI technology is currently one of the simplest, fastest and efficient ways to help you determine changes that are necessary to boost your revenue. The tech improves conversions using a computerized model of “survival of the fittest”.

It’s not easy for businesses to predict which changes will result to better results. So, instead of wasting limited resources to test various factors without really achieving what you were looking for, invest in AI technology and you will be certain of determining the right changes to boost your sales. Learn more about Sentient at