The Triumphs of Dr. Chris Villanueva in the Dental Practice

Dr. Chris Villanueva is among the few practitioners who have managed to set up a successful business based on their expertise and passion. Chris is a dentist who understands the challenges that dentists experience when setting up their dental practice. It was due to that he launched the MB2 Dental.

The Company was formed promoting both the sole-practitioner and corporate sides of the dental practice. Dr. Chris has spent time in both aspects, and that is what has given him success. Most of the dentists struggle with running the day-to-day operation of the company and providing the patients quality service. The MB2 Solutions was founded to manage the business aspect of the practice so that the dentists can go back to providing quality services. Since its inception, MB2 Dental has provided business services to more than 70 affiliated practices.

The Company was founded on the premise that Doctors should work together and help each other to accomplish their business objectives. What makes the Company unique is that it is a dentist-owned practice that supports personal growth and autonomy.

Unlike most of the entrepreneurs, Dr. Chris has developed leadership skills. He doesn’t micromanage. He instead focuses on choosing the right employees and gives them the space to deliver their job description.

  1. Chris has attributed his success to surrounding himself with smart people that inspire him. He has collaborated with different intelligent people in his career that have shaped his career.

About MB2 Solutions

MB2 Solutions is a dentist operated Company that provides business services to the Dental Practices. Most of the services that are offered provide the practices with the stability of the firms. The services offered include but not limited to:

Human resources: these form the foundation of the Company. MB2 Solutions will provide you with the payroll services, employee recruitment, and other human resources services.

Recruitment: Finding talented employees is crucial for your business. That is the reason why the Company focuses on recruiting the most experienced and skilled services.

Marketing: the Marketing tool will provide you with a tailor-made marketing service that will promote your practice.

Training: through their MB2 University, your employees will receive training on how to improve their skills and performance.

Procurement: the Company has a large network of suppliers who will provide you with all the supplies that you need to build your business.