Alexandre Gama A Worldwide Talent

As a young copywriter, Alexandre Gama always wanted to run his own creative and advertising agency. After 17 years of working for other people, that dream was revealed when he opened Neogama in 1999. The success and accolades came rather quickly, as the firm won two Golden Lions at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival. That kind of success so early was unprecedented but to Gama it was nearly two decades in the making. After sharpening his skills as a copywriter for eight years, Gama finally got a break when he was hired by DM9 in 1990. There, he was allowed to use his skills as a creative mind and the company made him their Creative Director.
After spending the 90s running advertising campaigns for DM9 and others, Gama finally formed his own business. The decision has resulted in Neogama now being one of the top agencies in South America and made Gama a worldwide talent.