Victoria Doramus Has Dedicated Her Life To Helping Others In Need

Victoria Doramus has always been a woman who knows how to use her creativity to fuel her marketing efforts. She serves as a trend specialist and has worked in many different industries over the years. Her work involves her finding trends and providing research that reveals how to put together specific marketing strategies. Today, she offers her services to charitable organizations who can really use it.

In the past, Victoria Doramus has worked with Mindshare, where she served as an assistant media planner. She has also worked with Peter Berg as his personal assistant as well as a manager of his property in New York City. Before this, she served Stila Cosmetics as well as J.Crew. as a creative consultant. Doramus has also worked as a freelance writer and has contributed to Trendcentral, which is a newsletter that is in existence to educate people about current trends in the world. She has also been a ghostwriter who has contributed to some very important books.

Victoria Doramus studied at the University of Colorado Boulder, and this is where she began to pursue her writing career. She also learned a lot about editing, creating, and producing quality content while there. In 2006, Doramus earned her bachelor of arts degree in journalism and mass communication. Years later, she decided to study at

Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, United Kingdom, where she learned about art history, design, and the history of fashion.

Victoria Doramus began to serve charities and nonprofits in 2106, and her work in the sector continues today. She is passionate about helping to improve the lives of people who suffer from drug addiction and does so by supporting the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The foundation is in existence to educate younger people about the dangers of drug abuse and alcoholism and also helps people who are currently struggling with these kinds of issues. Doramus is also happy to support Amy’s Place, which is a halfway house that works with younger women who are trying to recover from their active addiction. The world needs more women like Victoria Doramus who can help other women tom lead better lives.

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