Investment Firms Look To GoBuyside For The “Best of the Best” Job Candidates

Investment companies and private equity firms are increasingly relying on the services offered at GoBuyside. The firm specializes in the recruitment of top level financial professionals to fill job openings in their clients’ companies. Mr. Arjun Kapur founded the company in 2011. It has quickly grown to be an industry leader in the United States. The company operates out of New York City. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

Financial management executives and human resource managers are not always able to locate on their own the pool of talent that exists in the industry. In many cases, they require a professional that possesses the knowledge and experience in a specialized skill or set of skills. The services that are provided by GoBuyside are taking that burden off of the employer. The executive search firm does so in what can be the most cost effective alternative. When a company seeks the services of a specialized executive recruitment firm, they can be confident that the search will produce only the most qualified candidates for the job. GoBuyside has a staff of experienced recruiters who will locate the top tier of investment management candidates that best match the client’s corporate structure and strategic goals. Follow GoBuyside on

One of the challenges of finding the top investment managers is that they are frequently recruited by other non-investment industries. These companies outside of the investment industry sector are targeting executives and further draining the already limited supply of the top performers. There are a handful of executive search firms that specialize in investment management. GoBuyside must stand out in its efforts to attract the caliber of candidates that their clients are seeking. The company that chooses to use a generalized search firm is limiting its search even further.

GoBuyside has built a reputation for itself in the ever changing investment industry. They, as well others in the industry, face the same challenges in a highly competitive arena. The company is experiencing a high level of positive results for their clients that affirms the skills and talent of Mr. Kapur and his team.



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