InnovaCare Supports the Healthcare System of Puerto Rico Citizens

InnovaCare is an ingenious healthcare company that assists healthcare plans in the US. The hospital has its central office in New Jersey. However, in Puerto Rico, it offers programs such Medicaid and Medicare Advantage healthcare plans as part of the government health plan. Besides, InnovaCare works tirelessly to provide healthcare to the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.


Background information


When it comes to operations, InnovaCare Health offers both Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico. For that reason, it has managed to incorporate over 200,000 members served by more than 7,500 providers together with two Medicaid plans inside the government health plan that offers wide benefit coverage through a synchronized healthcare care model.


Contribution to the Community


Following its commitment to provide better healthcare plans, InnovaCare received the Medicare and Medicaid greatest healthcare rating for a provider. It also got the NCQA accreditation from the government of Puerto Rico. NCQA is the only certification recognized commended to a healthcare provider. This was under the able leadership of Mr. Rick Shinto, its President and Chief Executive Officer, and the Chief Administrative Officer hired in 2016, Ms. Penelope Kokkinides.


Roles and Responsibilities


Besides, Penelope Kokkinides has more than two years of experience in healthcare, specializing in government programs and managed care industry. She has vast knowledge and prowess in expanding clinical programs and management of healthcare operations and processes.


The Meeting


Recently, Penelope Kokkinides attended a meeting to discuss federal healthcare legislation at the White House with President Donald Trump and Seema Verma, CMS Administrator. She was with seven other women who attended the roundtable discussion, The Women in Healthcare, in the Roosevelt Room on March 22. Ms. Kokkinides spoke on the importance of financing Medicare Advantage within Puerto Rico. Cuts to federal funding in Puerto Rico have dropped by a yearly amount of over $1 billion since 2011. Therefore, the Current administration is considering changes to Medicare Advantage Payments through CMS.


Professional Qualification


Richard Shinto, the M.D. is also the CEO of MMM healthcare. Apart from that, he also served as the CEO of Aveta of North American Medical Management of Illinois. Boasting of more than two decades of experience in clinical and operational healthcare, he worked as the CMO of NAMM California. However, before joining NAMM, he was the CMO and CEO of Medical Pathways Management Company.


The Overview


InnovaCare is dedicated to providing its members with quality healthcare through the creation of sustainable models of managed care that are innovative, cost-effective and fully integrated with advanced technology.