Luiz Carlos Trabuco: How Bradesco Bank Transformed Under His Leadership

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the 4th president of Bradesco Bank, and he retired from his position in March 2018 because he already reached the age of retirement.

He was succeeded by a younger president, Octavio de Lazari Junior, and he believes that his successor will continue all of the reforms that he introduced to the company. He remains as the chairman of the board of directors but will be eventually replaced when Bradesco Bank finally hires a new one. He served the company for nearly 50 years, starting when he was a teenager. Spending most of his life with the company, Bradesco Bank acknowledged his contributions and gave him a token of appreciation for all of his hard work in directing the company on the right path.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born in the Brazilian city of Marilia, and it was also the city where Bradesco Bank was founded. However, as the business grew, the executives had to move the company in a larger city. Eventually, all of their transactions have been transferred to Sao Paulo. This did not stop the young dreamer from achieving his childhood dreams – to be able to work for Bradesco Bank. When he turned 17 years old, the young passionate dreamer applied for a job at Bradesco Bank. The bank manager has seen the enthusiasm in his eyes and hired him to work as a bank clerk. He became a working student during his teenage years, as he also had to go to school to finish college. When he graduated, he focused on his job as a bank clerk and was promoted after 15 years.

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He held several high-ranking positions before he became the president in 2009. After his promotion to the highest office within the company, Bradesco Bank has been facing a lot of challenges that need to be addressed. One of the issues that he has to resolve would be the continued growth of their rival, Itau Unibanco, which began in 2009. CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco had to think for solutions that would allow the growth of Bradesco Bank’s assets and its number of investors. He thought about all of the possible solutions, and one thing crossed his mind – he has to acquire the largest financial institutions in the country to increase their assets and value significantly. In 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco formally bought HSBC Brazil, and this acquisition resulted to the skyrocketing growth of the company according to Even though the purchase was valued at $5.2 billion, which was considered expensive by some experts, it resulted in many opportunities that benefited the company.

Today, the legacy left behind by one of the greatest presidents of Bradesco Bank continues to shape the company. Small banks in the country’s most remote areas have also joined Bradesco Bank, increasing their assets further. The value of Bradesco Bank in the stock market also continues to rise, and more investors are looking at the company with a bright outlook on life. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has transformed the company for the better, and he should be taking credit for it.

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