The Legal Problems of Enhanced Athlete

In 2017, Nutrition Distribution moved for an injunction against Enhanced Athlete in an ongoing false advertising lawsuit case. Enhanced Athlete, a company focused on fitness and bodybuilding development, convinced the judge of the District Court of the Eastern District of California courtroom to decide in their favor, denying the injunction. The lawsuit against Enhanced Athlete is just one of 70 lawsuits that Nutrition Distribution has filed against companies similar to Enhanced Athlete. Nutrition Distribution’s claims that it is an authentic supplement company, one of the best, and that it has recognized that all of those named in the lawsuits are offering phony products and therefore giving the entire industry a bad name.


Enhanced Athlete has its headquarters in Cheyenne, Wyoming. For its part in the legal matter, Enhanced Athlete has fought back, claiming that Nutrition Distribution is just in the business of coercing payments from similar companies. Scott Cavell, CEO of Enhanced Athlete, has clearly stated his commitment to keeping his company from paying anything into ND’s extortion practices. They have also proven that Nutrition Distribution has never shown that it has in any way because of the work of other companies. The aforementioned judge in California agreed with the company specifically as concerns EA, which is why he denied ND’s injunction request.


Enhanced Athlete’s legal team is led by Michael Adams of Rutan & Tucker. Adams says that he is not surprised that ND should be caught with no actual proof for the claims against EA. He says the company has a history of such things. He says in reality Nutrition Distribution has likely never lost sales because of the company’s it sues.


Enhanced Athlete was founded and is currently owned and run by Tony Hughes. He has also founded the sister companies of EA, Enhanced Coaching, and Enhanced Gear. These two sister companies complement the work of Enhanced Athlete, selling and distributing its products and services. Hughes and the other management of EA, say that their products and services are not only top quality but are among the lowest priced that you will find anywhere. They see their company as becoming even more successful, esteemed, and popular in the future.

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