Clay Hutson-Live Music Designer

Clay Hutson is the owner of a business that specializes in live music events. He has a great background in live music that has included work with well-known musicians and groups such as Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Guns N’ Roses. Educated also in theater design, Clay Hutson began his career in the employment of other companies that cater to the live music industry and worked his way up to project manager. Having built up his experience and acquired confidence in his own abilities he decided to open his own business that would cover the design and production of live music events. His services include production, management, and rigging. Since 2005 he has toured parts of Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia with bands such as Garbage and OneRepublic.


He answered some questions for an interview on The Bro Talk and you can read the full interview  here .


When asked about starting his business, he said that by the time he started he realized that he had a lot of valuable experience. When the employer at the time was encountering difficulty he decided he had the qualification to start a business himself.


The interviewer also wanted to know what was involved in turning new concepts into reality. Hutson said that his experience was invaluable here as it helped him recognize which of his ideas could actually be made to work on stage. Using computers to simulate also helps him realize his ideas, and his says keeping in mind the space you have to work with is a must. Even if the idea is workable, if it does not fit in your space you can’t use it. Learn more:


He is willing to work hard to pull of every part of the show and he says that that impresses present clients who will feel confident recommending him to others. Being meticulous about every detail is something he says can help prevent everything from minor mistakes to professional catastrophes.


Keeping up with constantly advancing tech is a must as lights and sound equipment is constantly evolving, but he says the involvement of the artist is more important in his mind than the newest tech gimmicks. When setting up for a show he starts early in the morning…the day before. He starts planning set ups, storage, and tasks even planning as far as the end of the show.

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