James Dondero and His Detailed Career

James D. Dondero is a prominent businessman who has made a big name for himself in Dallas, Texas. He’s the head of Highland Capital Management located in the bustling city. What are his roles at Highland Capital Management? He’s the firm’s conscientious President. People can note that he’s one of the company’s Co-Founders, too. Mark Okada is the other executive who helped launch Highland Capital Management back in the early nineties. It’s been in business since 1993.

Dondero is 100 percent qualified to work as a leader in his exhaustive field. He’s been dutifully working in the equity and credit sectors for more than 30 wondrous years. Highland Capital Management gets a lot out of his knowledge and background. It’s a business that provides retail and institutional investors with various effective techniques and products. Read this article at barrons.com.

Dondero started his career path as a capable analyst in the eighties. He landed a position within an illustrious training program that was set up by the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company. He ended his educational experience at the McIntyre School of Commerce right before that. The McIntyre School of Commerce is part of the University of Virginia. Dondero majored in both finance and accounting. He was a Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gamma Sigma graduate as well. Dondero is equipped with certification that is beneficial for his position. He has both CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certifications to his credit.

James Dondero was a strong part of the Protective Life team prior to creating Highland Capital Management with Okada. He worked for the GIV division of Protective Life. He was at the helm of it as its Chief Investment Officer. This GIV division was made at the end of the eighties and expanded to an impressive $2 billion over time. This was thanks to the guidance and savvy Dondero was able to offer it. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

American Express is a familiar name to people all across the United States. People know the company all around the world, too. Dondero secured a job with American Express in the middle of the eighties. He had a corporate bond assessment position. That wasn’t where his rise at American Express stopped, though. He got a job as a portfolio manager for the business, too. He took charge of roughly $1 billion fixed income funds. He stayed with American Express until 1989 arrived. Dondero is on NexBank’s board right now.

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Alexandre Gama A Worldwide Talent

As a young copywriter, Alexandre Gama always wanted to run his own creative and advertising agency. After 17 years of working for other people, that dream was revealed when he opened Neogama in 1999. The success and accolades came rather quickly, as the firm won two Golden Lions at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival. That kind of success so early was unprecedented but to Gama it was nearly two decades in the making. After sharpening his skills as a copywriter for eight years, Gama finally got a break when he was hired by DM9 in 1990. There, he was allowed to use his skills as a creative mind and the company made him their Creative Director.
After spending the 90s running advertising campaigns for DM9 and others, Gama finally formed his own business. The decision has resulted in Neogama now being one of the top agencies in South America and made Gama a worldwide talent.

Why Fabletics Is Using Brick And Mortar Stores Along With Its Online Platform

The changing fashion retail method is all but inevitable with Amazon moving higher while the last few years have seen stores like JC Penney closing and others filing for bankruptcy. But even with Amazon being a formidable foe and the troubles with longtime retailers, brick and mortar stores aren’t out of style yet. One new online fashion company, Fabletics is actually opening up brick and mortar stores. This company is said to be able to compete with Amazon not only because they sell trendy athleisure outfits at cheaper prices, but also because their brick and mortar stores allow for a reverse showroom. The gist of this is that most customers have probably seen the items they want online, and if they’ve signed up for membership, visiting the Fabletics stores becomes the way they can try on the outfit they want and skip the waiting time on shipping. The bottom line is brick and mortar doesn’t have to go away, but companies that use it are going to have to change how they do business particularly with millennial shoppers.


Kate Hudson is the majority owner of Fabletics and she’s set the tone for how the company is run. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler were where the Fabletics idea originated from, and though they knew Kate Hudson had no business background, they knew her to be a laid-back person who believes in making everything she does authentic. Hudson gladly became a partner with Goldenberg and Ressler’s company JustFab, and now Fabletics, JustFab, ShoeDazzle and FabKids are all run under Techstyle Fashion Group. Hudson has repeatedly said she will not be retiring from acting to run the company full-time, but the time she has away from the stage is used to promote the Fabletics outfits.


Fabletics has ways that they make their prices cheaper to customers. One is spending less money on traditional advertising, though Hudson has appeared in a few commercials. But Fabletics really cares more about the word of other customers on their reviews pages than they do about only their own word. Fabletics also is a subscription-based company that offers introductory prices on items, and VIP members can earn points on purchases and later redeem them on future purchases. And mobile compatibility plus big data is used to customize shopping and send customers promotions on items that might be right for them. Fabletics gets to know customers by offering a lifestyle quiz, and you can signup for it by going to the Fabletics.com homepage.