Ambassador Daniel Taub speaks out on Israel- Palestine peace negotiation

Between 2011 and 2015 Daniel Taub was the state of Israel’s diplomat to the Court of James, United Kingdom. Daniel Taub will be missed for the remarkable role that he played in ensuring that the two countries strengthened their ties in matters of international cooperation. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Being a blend of both Israeli and United Kingdom cultures, Taub was the perfect for the job. According to columnist Michael Freeland of the Jewish Chronicles, Daniel Taub is the best ambassador, in terms of success and popularity in the history of U.K-Israeli partnership.

Since the era of Shlomo Argov, who was shot in 1982, Israeli has never seen an envoy who worked so diligently in the interest of the Jewish community in the United Kingdom as Daniel Taub did. According to Daniel Taub himself, at the end of his tenure, the relations between the two countries were at a level that they have never been in terms of improvement.

Daniel Taub has played a key role in peace negotiation in the Middle East region between Israel and Palestine. While working for the Israeli foreign ministry, he was the primary peace negotiator between the two countries.

In one instance Daniel Taub traveled to Northen Ireland with a fellow negotiator from the Palestine side, Sufian Abu Zaida to learn how the country had dealt with the conflicts that had been witnessed in the region. What they learned is that the conflicting parties in the Irish war put measures that would ensure that every child in the region would be taught the genuine and true history of the region. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

This was an effort made to ensure that in future no war would occur out of misconceptions held by either party. The only genuine route to peace and prosperity in the region had been through putting long-term goals that would eliminate the cause of violence witnessed.

After Daniel Taub and his partner returned from Ireland, they started a program of supplying textbooks to schools in the Middle East region. The book, however, were reviewed and approved by a committee of experts that was dealing with peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine. However, this program which was intended to form a long-term foundation for peace in the region came to an end after Palestine pulled out of the program.

In one of the best quotes by Daniel Taub regarding the issue is one by Senator Daniel Moynihan which states that: “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your facts.”

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