Social Media and Youtube Vlog-Star Kim Dao

Kim Dao is a well known blogger, YouTube star, and social media darling. A native Australian now living in Japan she posts and interacts with her fans on topics she loves, travel, popular culture, fashion, hair and makeup. From tutorials to reviews, she blogs, vlogs and posts. Learn more:

Kim Dao graduted from the University of Western Australian studying Psychology and Japanese and considers herself an ordinary girl. She started her blogging when she took her first trip to Japan in 2011. Kim kept an online blog about her travels and it quickly gained the attention of more and more readers. When she realized the potential that it had, she continued using it to discuss her ideas and passions.

As Kim Dao’s popularity grew online she started a YouTube channel to better discuss and post ideas for her followers. She relies heavily on their input to focus the direction her posts and videos take. She loves that technology has created a more interconnected world. With roots in Australia, a home in Japan, and followers from all over the world, this young entrepreneur now works with notable brands such as Shu Uemura, Schwarzkopf, Amore Pacific, Etude House, and Liz Lisa and has been featured on television outlets in Japan and throughout Australian media.

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