Peter Briger’s “Fortress” of Business

Peter Briger began his career with a fifteen-year tenure at Goldman Sachs & Co, eventually making partner in 1996. He graduated from Princeton with a Bachelor of Arts and he received his Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business in the University of Pennsylvania. Since he became a part of Fortress in 2002, Peter Briger developed and has supervised a Fortress credit team of over 300 professionals. Peter Briger also holds a position as principal and co-chairman of the board of directors for Fortress Investment Group LLC and he has a place on the board of directors of the Princeton University Investment Company.

Ever since its conception in 1998, Fortress has made its mark on the investment world at large from its beginning as a private equity firm. As a diverse international firm commanding more than $43 billion in assets for investors and its three principals are Randal Nardone and Wes Edens, who are two of the company’s founders, and Peter Briger. Fortress’ main areas where they have experience are: asset-based investing, operations management, corporate mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, sector-specific knowledge of companies and institutions.

When it comes to asset-based investments, Fortress has been well-verses in setting prices, owning, financing and maintaining assets. Where operations management is concerned, Fortress makes certain the best value is pulled from its most complex investments by way of special tools used. It gives its portfolios the best possible assessments through operations, structure and strategy.

With more than twenty years of experience behind them, Fortress has set itself apart from other investment management firms through its knowledge that handles mergers and acquisitions with the best of care. The staff has done well to build strong business connections with board members, stakeholders and management.

Fortress’ expertise has led them to be particularly professional with protecting finances through debt and equity markets. Also, their deep experience with maintaining portfolios and portfolio companies has provided them with a massive amount of knowledge on a multitude of industries. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Rocketship Education Fights To Keep Its Strong Reputation

The popular charter school system, Rocketship Education is one of the top performing educational institutions in the U.S. with a reputation for developing strong links to the local community. The development of powerful community links is part of the ongoing process of building a school community with teachers spending part of their time visiting the homes of students to aid in their understanding of each child. Rocketship Education is quite rightly proud of the sense of community the charter school has developed over the years and does not wish to have its good work damaged by unfair criticism.

An article published by NPR was written by the head blogger, Anya Kamenetz and ruffled feathers at Rocketship Education for its unbalanced and unfair treatment of the charter school and this entire education sector. Rocketship Education’s community came together to lead the fight against an article it believes offered a completely unfair view of the work being done to provide a better education for all students. CEO Preston Smith and fellow founder John Danner set up their charter school to make sure all students from low-income areas of their home city of San Jose had the opportunity to live the “American Dream.”

Preston Smith took particular exception to the use of the term, “company” when Kamenetz referred to Rocketship Education because this gave the view the organization was profit making. The charter school system works as a non-profit group and places back the profits to improve the student environment and help expand the group across the U.S. Now operating in 13 states, Smith believes the assumption Rocketship Education makes a profit is not one that should be made because of an article published by NPR. The 3,800-words article is one of many members of the charter school sector have taken umbrage with over a lack of balance and research. By not researching how Rocketship Education facilities compare to local schools, the founders of Rocketship Education believe their work is being undermined by members of the media who do not agree with the development of charter schools as a whole.

Investment Firms Look To GoBuyside For The “Best of the Best” Job Candidates

Investment companies and private equity firms are increasingly relying on the services offered at GoBuyside. The firm specializes in the recruitment of top level financial professionals to fill job openings in their clients’ companies. Mr. Arjun Kapur founded the company in 2011. It has quickly grown to be an industry leader in the United States. The company operates out of New York City. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

Financial management executives and human resource managers are not always able to locate on their own the pool of talent that exists in the industry. In many cases, they require a professional that possesses the knowledge and experience in a specialized skill or set of skills. The services that are provided by GoBuyside are taking that burden off of the employer. The executive search firm does so in what can be the most cost effective alternative. When a company seeks the services of a specialized executive recruitment firm, they can be confident that the search will produce only the most qualified candidates for the job. GoBuyside has a staff of experienced recruiters who will locate the top tier of investment management candidates that best match the client’s corporate structure and strategic goals. Follow GoBuyside on

One of the challenges of finding the top investment managers is that they are frequently recruited by other non-investment industries. These companies outside of the investment industry sector are targeting executives and further draining the already limited supply of the top performers. There are a handful of executive search firms that specialize in investment management. GoBuyside must stand out in its efforts to attract the caliber of candidates that their clients are seeking. The company that chooses to use a generalized search firm is limiting its search even further.

GoBuyside has built a reputation for itself in the ever changing investment industry. They, as well others in the industry, face the same challenges in a highly competitive arena. The company is experiencing a high level of positive results for their clients that affirms the skills and talent of Mr. Kapur and his team.



Brilliant Results Expected by Madison Street after the Recruitment of a New Managing Director

A few weeks ago, the CEO of Madison Street Capital announced the entrance of Lawrence Alioto as the new managing director of the company. Alioto was recruited after passing through some rigorous interview that was conducted by the senior managers in the organization, together with the shareholders of Madison Street Capital. There are a lot of factors that made Lawrence the best candidate for the panel to join the company as the deputy principal. One of the attributes in him that convinced the panelists was the vast experience that he had acquired in his past employment years.


A combination of the skills and expertise that Lawrence portrayed made the panel of interviewers settle for Lawrence as the best candidate who was fit for the job. This was because his skills and experience corresponded to the requirements of the clients of Madison Street Capital. The news about the recruitment of the financial genius was received with a lot of delight by both the clients and employees of the company.


Before getting the employment at Madison Street Capital, Lawrence Alioto had been working at a technology-related firm where he was in charge of the production as the Chief Executive Officer. Under the leadership of Lawrence, the firm became the leading manufacturer of anti-terrorism scanners that used the radiation technology in the region. Lawrence Alioto also worked at a finance and investment corporation as a Chief Finance Officer, a position that saw him oversee the purchase and acquisition of a lot of firms in the industry. This implied that he had the required skills to handle the frequent questions and queries that the clients of Madison Street Capital enquire for their survival in the market.


Madison Street Capital has been on the record as one of the organizations that provide the best advisory services to other financial firms in the finance industry. This has been made possible by the excellent leadership that is demonstrated by the management of the organization, led by the CEO of the company, Mr. Charles Botchway. Charles has made all the contributions that he could afford to ensure that Madison Street Capital becomes a stable organization in the industry, providing its clients with the right advice concerning their challenges in the management of their businesses. Some of the services that the company offers to its clients include corporate governance, advising on the appropriate management of mergers and acquisitions, and also in other matters that relate to the management of finances in organizations.


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End Citizens United Against Rick Scott

In 2018, End Citizens United filed with the Federal Election Commission a complaint that alleges that Rick Scott is using a “super PAC” illegally in order to support his Senate campaign. The political action committee suggests that actions are performed in order to get around federal limits that have been placed upon direct contributions to candidates’ campaign. Read more about the group on Wikipedia.

Super PACs are allowed to raise and spend as much money as needed, but without working directly with any campaign. End Citizens United is accusing Rick Scott of breaking the anti-coordination law. The End Citizens United’s Communications Director, Adam Bozzi, declared that Rick Scott figured out how to bypass law election via funneling soft money into the super PAC that would be meant for the president, and that he is more interested in his political aspirations than in the law. He also stated that the super PAC helped Scott sidestep campaign finance laws, evade discloser laws and pay the bills to his campaign.

Rick Scott’s campaign denied the accusations brought forth by the Washington-based organization, but ECU countered the denial and presented documentation that supported that charge. For example, End Citizens United pointed out that Mr. Scott was still listed as the PAC’s chairman on their website in January. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that came into existence in March of 2015. The organization wants to reverse the Unite States Supreme Court 2010 decision that resulted from the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case. The decision deregulates limits that independent groups have to adhere to when spending for or against specific candidates.

ECU’s mission is to encourage campaign finance reform, and to get Big Money out of the political system. They work on achieving their goals by supporting candidates who agree with this agenda. They work with candidates in order to overturn Citizens United, which would mean donations will no longer be unlimited and undisclosed. The committee has its headquarters in Washington, D.C., and in 2016 operated in its first election cycle, with over $25 million in funding. They have endorsed Democratic candidates, including Bete O’Rourke and Russ Feingold.


Neurocore- A History Of Neurofeedback Science

Our brains are truly complex and astonishing organs. While they are certainly the most adaptable and resilient structures known to man, the brain is also our source of perception, thoughts, emotions and behaviors. There are billions of tiny, microscopic neurons in our brains which control the use of chemical signals in order to regulate the electric impulses that keep us active. The neurons are necessary for such functions in our brain related to how we feel, think, function and process everything. Read more about Neurocore at

Advancements In EEG Technology

There have been amazing advancements in the field of EEG technology, neurofeedback and brain mapping. The advancements are being developed at a faster rate than any scientist would have expected. The new information being found is useful to better understand how our brains work and how we can effectively improve our functioning abilities.

In Boca Raton, Florida, there is a company called Neurocore. They are a brain-training center that has begun using the updated EEG technology to make improvements in individual’s mental acuity. They are also working with the technology to try and find new methods of treatment for certain disorders such as anxiety, depression, ASD and ADHD. Even those these neurotherapeutic treatment options are new to the public, there is a rich history in these applications that date back to the middle of the 20th century.


History Of Neuroscience

The first scientific contributions of neuroscience came about in the late 18th century from two leading Italian scientists named Volta and Galvani. They are considered the forefathers for modern bioelectric theory and electrophysiology. They did many of their experiments on the legs of frogs. They connected the legs to an iron fence during lightning storms to see if the legs would contract based on the theory that there was “animal electricity” stored in the frog’s legs. Together, the scientists hypothesized that the contractions were a result of electrical properties that were dissimilar to the saline interfaces of the metal-tissue from the fence. This hypothesis was not proven by the scientists until 1800.

The growth of this field of science has expanded exponentially in the last 20 years because of the increasing availability of computers and their calculating power. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Organo Gold Shakes Up the Personal Care and Beverage Industry

Organo Gold is a company that has made a lot of progress when it comes to variation. This is going to be the thing that sets any company apart from the competition. Bernardo Chua knew that establishing a gourmet coffee that gave people a plethora of different choices would be paramount to his success. Read the reviews at

This is one of the reasons why he chose to branch out with Gourmet Cafe Latte, Gourmet Cafe Supreme, Gourmet Cafe Mocha and Black Coffee Ganoderma Lucidum. He knew that in creating varieties like this along with the OG Hot Cocoa and the King Coffee & Nugano Black Coffee.

Organo Gold is the company that continues to redefine what it is like to have extraordinary coffee. Bernardo Chua did not want to do anything ordinary. He wanted to stand out. This is what he has done with his brand. This is also what is global network marketing tactics are about. The distributors from this brand of Nutraceuticals and Gourmet beverages are trying to make consumers aware that they have choices. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Customers that are interested in improving their health and boosting their immune systems will benefit from these Ganoderma products. There is also a great interest in grape seed oil, spore powder and the detox supplements that are created by Organo Gold. All of these things are an indication that this company is different from the rest. It is not the type of organization that is sticking to what every other beverage company is doing. With these type of replacement meal shakes and gourmet coffee products it is obvious that Chua wanted to bring the purest form of Reishu mushroom powder and Ganoderma extracts to the forefront. Bernardo wanted to introduce the world to Organo Gold products that were going to transform personal care and beverage industries.


Why Guilherme Paulus is A Force to reckon with in the Tourism Industry

Why Guilherme Paulus is A Force to reckon with in the Tourism Industry

Without a doubt, the industry of hospitality is one of the broadest in the world. Most of the business units in this sector are made of a handful of other units. But, this applies to any company focusing on customer satisfaction alongside meeting leisurely needs and not just the basic needs. Even though this industry is broad, there are key defining aspects that are crucial to comprehend. For instance, one must capitalize on customer satisfaction. As illustrated by the head of CVC, Guilherme Paulus, the success of the industry highly relies on how happy the clients are. Read more about Guilherme Paulus on crunchbase.

About CVC and its Leadership

CVC is one of the leading tourism companies in the world. It is situated in Brazil and under the leadership of Guilherme Paulus, it has been able to provide top notch services across the world. Established in 1972, CVC believes that it is the largest company that provides tourism services in the universe. The company has excelled in offering a broad spectrum of portfolio in travel products. It also prides itself in providing average income families with excellent travel packages including air transport, food, ground transport, and accommodations. Moreover, it provides insurance in addition to other travel services. These services are also affordable with easy to understand payment systems.

How Paulus Leads CVC

Paulus is an experienced business professional with a keen eye on different marketing opportunities. Over the years, he has transformed CVC into a high-quality leisure travel service and products provider. The company is also a pioneer in the provision of ancillary services. Although they do not own assets like airplanes and cruise ships, they have partnered with companies that offer these services. As such, clients can always enjoy different transportation services.

Growth and Development

In 2015, Guilherme Paulus was proud to announce that CVC was going to acquire two major business units including RexturAdvance , a corporate travel business that caters for small to medium sized firms. It also acquired Submarino Viagens, an online travel company. The two acquisitions strengthened the firm’s global presence in the industry. Today, Giulherme Paulus is admired for building the most influential tourism company in Brazil.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Revealing a Sinister Plan to End DACA

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are appealing to all of the migrant communities across the United States: they are pleading them to stand behind DACA. DACA is a program signed by former President Barack Obama which gives undocumented immigrants who are 16 years of age and below when they entered the United States a chance to study and work in the country. It stands for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, and it is aimed towards young, undocumented migrants. The program was welcomed by the supporters of the migrants when the former American President presented it to the public, and it was considered as a victory by the migrant community. According to the rules surrounding DACA, the beneficiaries will be given their social security number so that they can work freely within the United States, and they can also go to the school of their choice. In some cases, the DACA beneficiaries are even allowed to drive, and they are given their own driver’s license. Being enrolled in the DACA program lasts for two years, and after the time is up, a renewal must follow suit.

The program was doing well since it was signed in 2012, but after the term of former President Barack Obama ended, the beneficiaries of the DACA program started to worry, especially with the lead of Donald Trump. When Donald Trump won the office in 2016, DACA beneficiaries began to contemplate what would happen to them if the government decided to put an end to the DACA program. It was the Republicans who wanted to end the DACA program, led by nine attorney generals and a single governor from a Republican state. Their point is that the DACA program would only cost the government some money, and it can also be used as a tool for human trafficking. They also pointed out that the immunity against deportation is an enormous problem, and it should end at all cost. The proponents to stop the DACA program are pleading to President Donald Trump to hear their voices and stop the DACA program immediately. The Republicans who wanted to end DACA are very serious about their request, even threatening the President of legal actions if he would not comply.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are now mobilizing different groups who support the migrants. They further explained to the Latino community that once the DACA program stops, more than 800,000 people will be significantly affected. According to one of the leaders in the protests against the discrimination of the people of color, the government is not thinking what the possible outcome of the deportation of nearly 1 million people. They also pointed out that those who are being threatened with eviction and deportation are the ones who contribute a lot to the economy of the United States by being a responsible American Citizen. Presently, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are using their $3.75 worth Frontera Fund to help the migrants who will be affected by the sinister plan to end the DACA program.


The Application of Creativity in Economics as Tool To Grow Igor Cornelsen’s Career

The business mindset of Igor Cornelsen is an example that many new businesses should follow. After graduating in 1970, he immediately went to work at the investment bank and learned all the ins and outs of starting a business and running a large company. There are many reasons to how he was able to pull this off, but it could most likely be because of the leadership traits and unique mindset that he has.

For one thing, Igor Cornelsen understands the importance of unique thinking. He knows that one should not think like analysts and follow what the professors are telling him, especially if they don’t share the burden and price of their advice. It also helps that Igor is born in Brazil. Born last 4 Oct 1947 in Curitiba Brazil, Igor got a formal training in engineering. His understanding of the environment around him made him realize the importance of applying creativity in economics as a means to grow Brazil’s national economy.

When employers were looking for the best candidates, Igor Cornelsen stands out because of his impeccable skills to calculate compounded interest rates way before the internet tools were invented. He was able to find the best interest rates just with the means of sliding rules. This was such a precious invaluable asset before. This was the age where not many have the skills to calculate big chunks of numbers without the use of hi-tech gadgets today that are taken for granted today.

In the later part of the career of Mr. Cornelsen, he became an investment banker and got the opportunity to hold a position in Multibanco in 1974. He promoted to one of the Board of Directors and then he became then the CEO in 1976 of the company two years later.

When the Bank of America in 1978 acquired Multibanco, Mr. Cornelsen found better opportunities in other firms. One of these fantastic opportunities would be for him to work for Unibanco. This firm at the time had been considered to be one of the leading firms already established in Brazil. He had been serving in the company until 1985, when the explosion rate of inflation exploded.Find out more about Igor Cornelsen: